Knowledge Technologies Conference 2002 / March 11-14, 2002 - Westin Seattle Hotel - Seattle, WA - USA





Sunday, March 10

9:00 am - 5:30 pm Pre-conference Tutorials: Full Day

Practical Ontology Construction
(Full Day)

Instructor: Carsten Tautz, Manager Research & Consulting, empolis Knowledge Management Division, Bertelsmann Mohn Media Group

Description: Ontologies have grown in importance for representing organizational knowledge explicitly. While there exist several standards for this purpose (e.g., Topic Maps, OIL, DAML), the construction of comprehensive ontologies that reflect organization-specific needs remains a challenge. This tutorial gives an overview of the most important knowledge representation formalisms, sets existing ontology specification languages in relation to these formalisms, introduces organizational and methdological concepts for continuous learning, and finally presents a systematic, goal-oriented method for constructing ontologies that meet organization-specific information needs based on existing assets (e.g., text documents) and interests/needs of stakeholders.

Overview of Topic Maps
(Full Day)

Instructors: Michel Biezunski, Consultant and Steven Newcomb, Consultant, Coolheads Consulting

Description: Topic Maps is an international standard (ISO/IEC 13250) for aggregating knowledge while controlling infoglut. This tutorial gives an introduction to the topic maps paradigm, a survey of the state of the art, and a discussion of recent applications. The XML syntax of the Topic Maps standard (XTM) will be presented in detail as will the emerging abstract standard Reference Model and Standard Application models. This tutorial is designed for people who want to understand topic maps, to become familiar with the conepts and with the vocabulary. The instructors are the originators of the paradigm and the editors of the standard.


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