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Breaking The Rules With The Small Bathroom

Thought you knew it all when it came to designing the smaller bathroom?

You might be surprised to learn that sometimes, some of the rules are there to be broken!

So, your little bathroom does not need to be a complete white-out, nor does it actually only have to have one source of lighting – meaning there is room for more than one badkamer spotjes or bathroom spots lights.

It does not automatically follow that every square inch must have some storage space shoehorned into it.

The smaller bathroom can be every bit as luxurious as the larger room, if it is done correctly!


Yes, that is right, you can actually add more lighting than you might have been thinking of, even in the smaller bathroom. Find many dimmable light options here, LED inbouwspots LEDs – dimbaar

The fact is by getting rid of your single overhead light you can actually have room for more types of lighting – and some of them can be quite ostentatious.

Even in the smaller bathroom, there is always space for one statement piece of lighting and the choice is entirely yours. Opt for the opulence of a chandelier, if that is what you fancy – it need not be the only light in the room.

For the more practical and everyday lighting there are always the badkamer LED spots, which can be cunningly placed, side to side of the main mirror, to allow an ambient and easy light to flow through the room.

These inbouw LED spotjes (or built in LED spots) can be bought especially for the bathroom and are meant to withstand the splashes and steam that they will be up against in there.

Just because these inbouw spots are practical does not negate their atmospheric properties. For a start off, they can be dimmable, like the badkamer spots LED dimbaar – which can really make a dramatic impact upon your bath time!


If you thought that you could only fit a tiny mirror in your diminutive bathroom, then you were wrong!

There is always more room than you thought for a larger mirror.

Why not replace the whole of a wall with a full size mirror?

This can have the advantageous effect of really increasing the light available in a room – and for a smaller room, which usually has less light in it, this is a real bonus.

If it is just one change that you make in your smaller bathroom, this should be it, as the difference it makes can be really quite dramatic!


Whereas conventional interior design rules teach us that vast expanses of white space are good for making a place look bigger, we beg to differ.

Well, yes, white does make things look bigger, but they can also sometimes be lost in the glare and also… they lack depth.

Adding stripes and tiled patterns in monochrome can add something to your bathroom, without necessarily making it too busy.

It can add a focus to your room and detract from the small size of the area, by adding intricate patterning.

But remember to keep it simple!


Similarly, adding texture to the smaller room can help keep things interesting – as well as adding a personal touch to the space.

Tactile elements such as in the wall tiles and other areas, may be the adding touch you need to keep the freshness of the design.


Where possible, do away with clunky units and simply affix things to the wall.

This might mean removing wall units and large storage solutions and simply having items on display on some floating shelves. These can also be placed high up, to draw the eye up towards the ceiling and give an illusion of more space.